Membership Managment
What is Membership Management?
Make it easy for your members to enter your club by using RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) for contactless entry. RFID is used in contactless card payments and is now available for club entry devices of various types. As with all technology, the price has dropped for this type of device, making RFID accessible now for most clubs.
RFIDHY supports your unique membership structure and makes it easy for visitors to manage preferences, renew or upgrade their memberships and enjoying members-only benefits.
Benefits of RFID Membership Management
• Highly secure for payment and access.
• One single card or wristband can avail multiple facilities. (Identification, Club Card, E-Purse, Loyalty, etc.)
• Highly Reliable, Improves member satisfaction.
• Easy Operational Management, Reduced operational cost.
• Entry and exit of members can be recorded in facility areas.
• Support in maintenance as a high profile club.
• Less storage place: Large storage places used now would become redundant & can be utilized for better purposes.
• Increase in revenue by efficient management.
• Lay a platform for multi-applications i.e. can be accommodated as Loyalty card, Debit card, Co-branding.
• Provide complete monitoring system to check for Memberships, Accounting, Inventory, Facility management, Loyalty, and Advertisement.
• All doors are controlled directly from one or more PC’s.
• You can instantly update user access levels at the PC.

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