Desktop Reader
Desktop Reader
Choose for RFIDHY's desktop RFID readers and desktop RFID reader writers to accurately read RFID tags and transfer data.

HY-R530 Contactless Desktop reader-writer can read ISO14443A, B and ISO15693 standard cards. It realizes connection with the PC machine and associated equipment through RS232 serial interface or USB port or TCP/IP interface. Drive development kids of various platforms are provided together with the machine; attached demonstration programs realize all functions of the access radio frequency card.


Baud Rate
9600-115200bit/s (Configurable, default9600)
Supporting Card Category
Mifare One S50, Mifare One Ultralight, MifareOneS70, MifarePro, I-code2, TI RFID Tag-it HF-I, EM4135, EM4034
Card Reading Distance
Support Standard
ISO/IEC14443-A, ISO/IEC14443-B, ISO/IEC15693
Power Supply/Current
From USB or 5VDC / 150mA < ><200mA
USB / RS232 / TCP/IP
Operating Temperature
-20 ℃ to +70 ℃
Sheathing Material
Access Control, Online Banking, E-wallet Recharge and Balance Enquiry, Internet Security, Software Locking, Digital Signature, Customer Bonus Point Preferential Plan, Stored Value, Social Insurance, Ticket Business, Bank, Tax Administration, Industry and Commerce, Telecommunications, Postal Service, Computer Security Management, etc.


HY-R530 type of reader-writer is a necessary front-end processing device for developing contactless card related application products and system integration with rich and complete interface communication functions. It is widely used in the smart card management application systems of such fields as industry and commerce, telecommunications, postal services, tax administration, banking, insurance, medical treatment as well as toll collection, stored value, enquiry, internet bar charging and computer security management.


  • Support ISO14443A / B, contactless card;
  • Support contactless CPU card operation;
  • USB operating mode, plug and play;
  • RS232 Interface and USB port power-taking operating mode;
  • External power supply is needed under the TCP/IP operating mode;
  • A buzzer and two LED indicator lights

Model Description

HY-R530-TP-X TCP/IP interface
HY-R530-H-X USB interface (plug and play)
HY-R530-S-X Serial interface

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