RFID Metal Tag
RFID Metal Tag
On-metal RFID tags are specially designed to be mounted directly on metal. For Durable Asset Identification in Harsh Environments.
Metal tag is special RFID tags suitable for use in metallic environments.Metal  tag is typically rugged, difficult to damage, and easy to weld, screw or otherwise attach.

Design & Applications
In general, metal creates problems for the life of RFID applications, which is why we offer special metal tags that resolve this issue. Metal tags are customized products – special tests are carried out for each and every one of the applications specified by our customers, with regard to the environment, the size of the tag, reader antenna and specific chip technology. We offer our customers samples for initial testing.Metal tags are typically rugged, difficult to damage, and easy to weld, screw or otherwise attach.If there is a particular matal tags you are searching for, but cannot find, please contact us as we will likely be able to provide it for you.

• Material: PVC, PETG, PC
• Spacers: foam or ferrite
• Standard diameters: 27, 30 and 50 mm
• Possibility of an adhesive layer for easy attachment
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
• Can be personalized by full colour printing

Available chip technologies
Manufacturer 125 kHz 13.56 MHz
EM Microelectronic EM4102, EM4200
NXP Hitag®1, 2, S MIFARE Ultralight®, MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE® Classic EV1, MIFARE® DESFire® EV1, MIFARE® DESFire® EV2, MIFARE Plus®
Atmel ATA5577
Prime: MIM256, MIM1024
Advant: ATC1024, ATC2048, ATC4096

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