RFID Silicone Wristband
RFID Silicone Wristband
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  • RFID Silicone Wristband

Passive RFID Silicone Wristband, also called RFID bracelets, durable and convenient in use. It can be reused, it is a good solution for the RFID access

control and membership expenditure management, the tag is complete water-proof so especially suitable for amusement parks, water parks,

resorts, and music festivals that increase guest spending, enhance park efficiency, and boost guest loyalty.


1. Materials
2. Dimension
Diameter 45mm/50mm/60mm/65mm/74mm, or customized
3. Chip Available
TK4100, EM4200, Hitag2, F08, MIFARE 1K, MIFARE 4K, MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE DESFire EV1, I CODE SLI, Alien H3, Alien H4, Monza 4/5/6, etc.
4. Protocal
ISO11784/ ISO14443A/ ISO15693/ ISO18000-6C/ EPC C1 GEN2
5. Frequency
6. Crafts
Barcode, QR Code, Debossing, Embossing, etc.
7. Protection
8. Printing
Silkscreen, Laser
9. Colours
Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, White, Green, Purple or any pantone color or multi-colors or customized.
10. Main Features
Soft, Flexible, Convenience Wearing, Waterproof, Quakeproof, etc.
11. Application
Water Parks, Theme Parks, Concerts/Festivals, Resorts, Nightclubs, Sporting Venues, etc.

Design & Applications

RFID Silicone Wristband is a portable transponder used widely for access control in swimming pools, aqua parks, health and

fitness centres or amusement parks. It provides outstanding performance and durability in harsh environmental conditions.

All our rfid wristbands undergo various stringent quality tests throughout the production process.

Available chip technologies

Chip Type Protocal Capacity Anti Collision Function
Available 125KHz Chip
TK4100 / 64bit No Read Only
EM4200 / 128bit No Read Only
T5577 / 330bit No Read/Write
Hitag 1 ISO 11784/5 2kbit No Read/Write
Hitag 2 ISO 11784/5 256bit No Read/Write
Hitag S 2048 ISO 11784/5 2kbit No Read/Write
Available 13.56MHz Chip
F08 ISO14443A 1KB No Read/Write
Ntag203/213/215/216 ISO14443A 168/180/540/924 byte No Read/Write
MIFARE® S50 ISO14443A 1KB No Read/Write
MIFARE® S70 ISO14443A 4KB No Read/Write
MIFARE® Plus ISO14443A 2KB/4KB No Read/Write
MIFARE® DESFire ISO14443A 2KB/4KB/8KB No Read/Write
MIFARE® Ultralight EV1 ISO14443A 640bit No Read/Write
MIFARE® Ultralight C ISO14443A 1184bit No Read/Write
I CODE SLI ISO15693 128 byte Yes Read/Write
Ti2048 ISO15693 2KB Yes Read/Write
Available 860-960MHz Chip
Alien H3 ISO18000-6C 512 bit Yes Read/Write

Other ICs are available upon request.

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