Supply Chain & Logistics
RFID for Supply Chain & Logistics
RFID tags can be used to monitor and manage the movement of the finished products throughout a supply chain.  The tags can be attached directly to the items and materials or they can be attached to the containers that carry them.  Pallets, trailers, totes, carts, cargo containers, and reusable transport items can all be tagged. Readers placed throughout a facility can monitor movement and location of inventory, thus providing real time data.  This can be within a warehouse, a freight yard or within a retail location.
RFID tags in the supply chain enable more frequent and accurate inventory counts RFID applications in the supply chain can also decrease costs associated with inventory counting
Benefits of RFID Supply Chain & Logistics
• Higher storage capacity
• Programmability
• Larger reading distance.
• Much wider scanning area.
• No unobstructed line of sight required with the reader to transfer information, as it is sent via radio waves.
• Ability to read multiple items simultaneously, almost regardless of the orientation
• Faster read rate (100 to 1000 tags per second).
• No human intervention.
• Reliability in heavy moisture, noisy, dirty or hot environments, which generally make bar codes unusable.
• Tags can be embedded almost anywhere.

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