Vehicle Management
What is RFID Vehicle Management?
A vehicle management system based on UHF band RFID technology is proposed. This system is applied for vehicle entering/leaving at road gates. The system consists of tag-on-car, reader antenna, reader controller, and the monitoring and commanding software. It could effective control the vehicles passing through road gate and record the vehicles' data. The entering time, leaving time, and tag number of each vehicle are all recorded and saved for further processing. By the benefit of UHF band long distance sensing ability, within nine meter the distance between vehicle and reader antenna, the signal can be accurately detected even the vehicle's speed at nearly 30 km/hr. The monitoring and commanding software can not only identify car owners' identities but also determine the gate to open or not.

Benefits of RFID Vehicle Management
-Highly reliable automotive credentialing for manufacturing, retail, rental and fleet inventory
-Prevents, deters and detects counterfeiting with tamper-proof authentication
-Ideal for access control
-Provides exact vehicle location for lot control and fleet management

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